Tankless diving unit

BLU3 Nomad

Explore a new world of underwater adventure without the stress and weight of traditional SCUBA

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Brownie's Third Lung

Tankless diving like you have never seen before, brought by one of the most trusted names in the industry!

Spare Air Units

Spare Air units are the perfect accompaniment to any tankless diving or free diving kit, safety in an affordable and compact package.

Sealife SportDiver

The power of your phone in the places where you need it most, the Sealife Sport diver phone housing makes it so that you can use your phones camera safely to a depth of 40m. Works with most major brands.

BLU3 NOMAD Features

See what makes NOMAD the best option for tankless diving!

BLU3 Nomad

BLU3 Nomad

See the convenience of the Blu3 Nomad tankless diving system and take the adventure with you anywhere you dive!